GRP connecting rods are CNC machined 
from a special aluminum alloy plate that 
provides a combination of high strength, 




high fracture toughness and good resistance to fatigue crack propagation at high stress 
levels. Our manufacturing process takes advantage of the CNC's capability in that the rod is 
custom built around the actual center to center distance, resulting in custom length rods being 
a matter of just inserting the new center to center distance. These rods are then honed to size, 
holding a honest +/- .0002 tolerance, and from that finished bore the final center to center
distance is cut holding a +/- .0002 tolerance in the center to center distance of the rod. 



The rods are then polished with a high 
energy finishing machine to remove 
stress risers and to give the rod a 
durable polished finish.The average 
turn around time for a set of rods is 
about 2 weeks. We do carry common
sizes in stock for immediate delivery 
and have on occasion shipped custom
sets same day as ordered.